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IRTEC Technician Application Form

(mandatory for existing IRTEC technicians)

(see codes below)

Special needs Code
Sight S
Hearing H
Learning L
Mobility M
Other S
Candidate prefers no statement O

Specify the IRTEC route/level at which you want to become accredited:

(e.g. LCV or Bus and Coach or Trailer - Service Maintenance, Inspection)


Please inform your assessment centre if you require any special assessment arrangements (e.g. an interpreter) at the time you submit this application.


(Not required for existing IRTEC technicians)

Previous positions (over the last five years, starting with the most recent. Use a separate sheet of paper if necessary)




(Not required for existing IRTEC technicians)

Details of relevant vocational and professional qualifications. Please attach COPIES of certificates and any supplementary information you may feel appropriate, e.g. current CV. We regret that we are unable to return copies of certificates received.


All IRTEC licence holders shall, by their conduct, uphold the reputation of the profession in applying the specialist discipline of the maintenance, repair and inspection of road transport vehicles and their related engineering activities.

IRTEC licence holders should be aware of their responsibility to establish and uphold standards of professional conduct and deter malpractice, and that their licence may be revoked and their name removed from the IRTEC technician national register should they be deemed, for any cause, to be undesirable for inclusion on the register. SOE/IRTEC operates an appeals procedure.

Submitting the completed application form acts as confirmation of your agreement to adhere to the IRTEC Code of Conduct which can be found in full here www.soe.org.uk/irtec-licensing-scheme/irtec-code-of-conduct.


IRTE (The Institute of Road Transport Engineers) is a Professional Sector of the Society of Operations Engineers (SOE). As one of the most respected names in UK transport, IRTE is an acknowledged and impartial voice within the industry.

Being IRTEC accredited entitles you to membership of the SOE for a special introductory period. During this time, you have access to various benefits offered by the SOE, including:


recognition of your skills and expertise with professional registration through the Engineering Council and/or the Society for the Environment


through regular industry-leading technical magazines and journals relevant to your career path, and stay up-to- date with the latest industry news and technology


similar industry professionals and raise your profile through SOE’s network of local member volunteers and regional events


your career and maintain your continuing professional development with access to specialist online resources, technical guides and mentors, conferences, workshops, lectures, technical meetings, and other events throughout the UK


with services specifically designed for SOE members

All SOE members must comply with the Code of Professional Conduct, which can be found here www.soe.org.uk/join-soe/codeof-professional-conduct

For more information about how SOE can help you, please contact the membership team at membership@soe.org.uk / 020 7630 6666.


Submitting the completed application form acts as confirmation of your agreement to adhere to the IRTEC Code of Conduct and the Society of Operations Engineers Code of Professional Conduct. Please indicate your acceptance using the declaration below.

I have read the IRTEC Code of Conduct and the Society of Operations Engineers Code of Professional Conduct and declare that I will adhere to the Codes and will endeavour to uphold these principles.

I confirm that the information supplied in support of my application is correct, that I have not been convicted of any offence relating to my employment in the road transport industry, and that nothing has been withheld that would affect my suitability for inclusion.

I consent to this information being collated, stored and released for the purposes of the Society, IRTEC Accreditation and its register, both in written and electronic format. This will be done in line with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 (SOE).

IRTEC takes the protection of your data very seriously. It will not be divulged, other than under legal obligation, to third parties other than the Society of Operations Engineers who may, from time to time, write to inform you of offers and opportunities as agreed with IRTEC

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