IRTEC Accreditation
HGV Inspection Technician Training

The course is designed to train and prepare HGV inspection technician to a standard where they can undertake the IRTEC HGV inspection technician assessment and gain the accredited 5-year IRTEC licence for the inspection of HGV vehicles. Along with knowledge of the good vehicle operators commitments to road safety.
The course duration is 2 days of 6 hours training. The second day while require access to and HGV vehicle over a GVW of 3500KGS rigid or tractor unit are both acceptable.

 Day 1

  • Overview of the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness
  • Operator Compliance / OCRS and Earned Recognition
  • Daily Vehicle Checks / Responsibilities / Documentation
  • Health and Safety Legislation
  • Enforcement / Prohibitions / Operating Centre Powers and Sanctions
  • Documentation / Defects and Rectification / Inspection Sheets / Maintenance Schedules
  • Terminology / Technical terms / Acronyms / Common Phrases
  • Stage Test and Case Study

 Day 2

  • Introduction to The Category of Defects Layout / Practical Demonstrations
  • Use of Notes Column 4
  • Introduction to HGV Inspection Manual / MOT Prohibitions / MOT Criteria
  • Minor Major and Dangerous Criteria and examples
  • HGV Inspection Manual specific areas / Safety Critical items
  • HGV Inspection Manual specific areas / Mirrors / Spray Suppression / Tachograph
  • The Inspection routine / Paperwork / Process / Legal Documents / Assistance / Tools and Equipment
  • Understanding headlamp aim / Roller Road Brake Test / Emissions
  • Practical Inspection and Stage Test
  • Walk through practical inspection and stage test
  • Course summary and feedback

Starting From £1300.00+VAT

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