Transport Management

THS+ offer a broad range of services to support you and your business in both planning and day to day activities. If you choose us as your Transport Operations Consultants, you will enjoy the benefits of on-site visits from our specialized members as well as round the clock remote support. Our consultants offer guidance and support on all aspects of transport management from drivers hours to fleet maintenance and everything in between. We are here to support both new and established operators. If you want a well organized and legally compliant business, do not hesitate to contact us! From System Setup to Compliance and Management Audits we cover it all. THS+ will help support your business to manage the legal undertakings of your operator licence in a manner that is specific to your operation and budget while covering all aspects that relate to vehicle maintenance and defect reporting.

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Public Inquiries

Our services include:
  • Conducting thorough reviews of your systems and records – including a pre-audit. Our consultants are specialists in both Freight and Passenger Transport.
  • Preparing documents and statements – this includes any notifications to and from the Traffic Commissioner, DVSA, Police and/or other parties involved.
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Providing representation and support at hearings
  • Ensuring minimum impact on your Operators Licence and Business
Public Enquiries can be very stressful and resource consuming but it is important to understand that they are not setup with the intention to punish but rather to clarify and rectify the condition of a Transport Operator.

Public Enquiries are held “in the public interest” and seek to address any concerns relating to public safety, the public purse and fair/legal practices of a Licence Holder. Given their nature, Public Enquiries need to be taken very seriously and THS+ is your best ally in this.

Our team of experienced consultants are here to provide sensitive and time critical support as well as practical transport management advice before, during and after participation in a Public Enquiry.

If you are due to appear before a Public Enquiry either as a witness or a core participant, you should consider speaking to one of our specialist consultants at your earliest opportunity. Call us on 01332 323 989.

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Independent Audits Ordered by
The Traffic Commissioner

THS+ is here to help! When you require an audit to satisfy The traffic Commissioner, we will examine your Transport Management Systems in detail and identify areas that may need improvement all the while working towards a clean bill of health for your operation.
Our audits are exactly the same as those conducted by the DVSA and are carried out by Chartered Members of the Institute of Transport and Logistics to the same standards as the DVSA. This service is the best way to ensure both legal compliance and an effective operation.

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DVSA Earned
Recognition Audit

If you seek a competitive advantage among other hauliers or wish to minimize the disruption caused by DVSA inspections and roadside checks, the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme is well-suited for your business. At THS+ Ltd, we assist in achieving this gold standard by preparing internal policies, procedures, and systems. Additionally, we provide an audit report for submission to DVSA for approval and offer continuous compliance advice and services as needed.

How can we help?

THS+ Ltd can assist your business in attaining the DVSA Earned Recognition standard by offering the following services:

  • Development of policies, procedures, and systems
  • Demonstrating the use of an approved DVSA IT supplier system
  • Supplying an audit report for submission to DVSA for approval
  • Offering continuous compliance advice and services as needed

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We offer both onsite and
where requested a remote auditing option.


Public Inquiry

Site Visit

Internal audits

Human Resource

From checks on The Right to Work in the UK to Recruitment and Dismissal, we will support you every step of the way. Our experts at THS+ will take care of everything related to your Human Resources Managemen.


THS+ offer a technical and systematic expertise in all aspects of periodic inspections for your transport company. We will work with you on Gap Analysis and Periodic Inspection preparation as well as Inspection Support and even post Inspection Support.


If you find yourself in a situation of compliance enforcement, we are here to guide you through. Our experts will perform a Gap Analysis and then prepare you for the enforcement agency visit. Furthermore, on the day of the visit, THS+ will support you all the way.

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