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THS+ Technical Helpful Systematic

Quality management systems are the definition of vagueness and comprehensiveness at the same time. The term in itself can mean nothing to most a lot to some…

There are, however, standardized ways of quality management. The management world got together and defined the concept as well as standardised it. The standard is ISO9001 and the definition of a quality management system is a system “that aims to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

To cover all that, companies have multiple systems bundled into one. Various ways of achieving the end goal of “consistent output”.

But, as you all know, a standard system with consistent output requires a methodology of doing things the same way. A repetitive iteration of processes… and whatever is repetitive can be automated!

As I’m sure you know, quality management systems are, by definition, ideal for automation, therefore ideal for software implementation.

You can imagine that, if there was an opportunity and possibility, someone filled that need and here is where CanonMS comes in.

CanonMS is a pure quality management systems software created by experts and professionals for the industry… ALL industries!
It is a full-stack solution to meeting ISO9001, ISO9100 and ISO17025 requirements.
Be it certification or accreditation, CanonMS can accommodate it… and accommodate it elegantly!

Bespoke smart solutions are built in for all business systems from document control, asset and resources management to quality reviews, self-auditing and much, much more.
It is a solution that will simplify your business compliance and is made to emulate AnnexSL or, in simple terms, to accommodate Quality, Health&Safety and Environmental management systems in one comprehensive Electronic Management System that the entire business has access.

CanonMS accommodates any Health and Safety management system from the basig HSG65 to the most comprehensive ISO45001 or bespoke systems. Features such as Snagging modules for site inspections and safety walks are built. In addition, you can find the most ample risk assessment templates with suggestions and a complex, modular risk matrix and controls system.

When it comes to Environmental Management, CanonMS has it covered. It is built to accommodate ISO14001 and more, much more. It is a granular as to allow for the creation of waste transfer notes and monitor chain of custody. This ensures you meet your legal as well as regulatory obligations.

Referring to the architecture and technology: at the front end, the app is fluid and elegant, designed and built in React-Native, it has the best support and latest technology to back it up.
It is available on the main AppStores on every mobile device, Apple or Android.

The web-app, also known as the “backend” is a Laravel product (PHP-base). The use of this well-established technology ensures the latest libraries and a very high level of integration with all web platforms.

When we talk about implementations, which to a mainstream, established system from a big brand such as IBM would cost an arm and a leg, these become simple and inexpensive with CanonMS.
Organisations can choose to port their systems over or just pick CanonMS up and start using it.

THS+ offer CanonMS licences on an annual basis with full support and implementation or without.
Our model ensures full support 24/7 as well as a guarantee of continuity. At its basic level, CanonMS deposits the data into a folder structure that mimics the (or a) quality manual that can be downloaded and used off-line. This ensures that, whatever happens, your systems and documents are accessible on, off-line or hard copy.

What is the value proposition!? Quality management with little or no resources. One person can do the job of an entire department. You can truly have only one QHSE manager for a medium or even large size company and be confident in any audit… as long as you keep using the system and following its prompts.


Dan Vintila
General Manager at THS+

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