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THS+ Technical Helpful Systematic

The UK has one of the most regulated transport industries in the world, if not the most!
In addition to prosecution, uncompliant operators risk Public Inquiries. A semi-judicial procedure that is always costly and reputationally damaging.

I’ve been in quite a few Public Inquiries to know that you NEVER EVER go to one and come out with a praise. In fact, there is no such procedure where action is not taken… it makes you think: are there no innocent operators called in front of the Traffic Commissioner, even by pure mistake or exaggeration!? I mean, even courts get it wrong now and then. How come TCs always get “their man”?! The probabilities of that are smaller than a nurse’s pay rise!

But, as all that have been there will tell you, it’s far simpler. There are rules and they need following… so, if it’s that simple, why is there need for solicitors, consultants, transport managers, etc?!

Well… the rules are complex, many and quite flexible. And, as a matter of time dynamics, you, the operator won’t have time to deal with the extremely busy commercial side and the legal component aspect and the Traffic Commissioner is acutely aware of that.

Your transport manager, required by law under Section 13(A) of the Licensing Act, has to ensure all aspects of legal and regulatory compliance. You may think she or he is responsible, but you’d be, technically, mistaking, you are both accountable…

But mistakes and omissions occur and that’s the time when the DVSA will want to have a look. A negative audit and you’re guaranteed to see the Traffic Commissioner.

About the time of the PI brief, some operators experience a waking up, organise a solicitor and even start to get their house in order: traffic and roadworthiness. If they do enough by PI, they get a second chance… and something to remind them of the encounter.

So, where does the consultant come into all this?! Well, if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a transport consultant before your DVSA visit will save you the cost of the Public Inquiry. Which, you should know, stands at between £4000 and £6000 for a small to medium operator.

At THS+, we’ve prepared tens of DVSA and Police visits and quite a few Public Inquiries but we’re most proud of the Inquiries we’ve managed to avoid.

We study and learn, we practice, we get better, then we teach others and then get better still but it is a continuous process and, here at THS+ we are committed to improving it.

We know the building blocks of compliance are Information, Training, Instruction, Supervision and proper processes but our ultimate goal is cultural change. That is the lasting legacy that THS+ has provided all our customers.

Consultancy services are not as costly as the word implies. With THS+ there is no lengthy contract or minimum spend. Services are bespoke, alternatively they come in 3 basic packages:

  • Managed – where the company employs a THS+ consultant (the consultant becomes directly employed on a commission to return the company to OCRS Green)
  • Supported – where THS+ do the job of the TM under her or his supervision for as long as required. This is ideal for owner-operators that require the support
  • Audited – where the TM is trained and audited to our standards. These include Health and Safety compliance and are fully aligned with OTC requirements.

THS+ don’t just bring you advice or guidance, we have developed our own software solution, TecHGV, to complement the new processes you would be adopting or improve your existing. Adding to that is our telematics solution, TecNorn, that allows for instant visibility of driver activities and vehicle data.

All our software products are modular and compatible with all major chains’ systems like Amazon’s Project 44, DHL, Everi, etc.

Our initial consultation is always free, so if you find you’re overpaying for your current systems or are in need of honest guidance, give us a call, we’re open from 5am… like you!


Dan Vintila
General Manager at THS+

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